Our services are located exclusively in Folkestone, Kent. Situated at the eastern end of the North Downs, Folkestone is a thriving Edwardian seaside town, popular with artists and holiday-makers alike. Just 90 minutes from London by car and 52 minutes from London St Pancras by rail, the town is exceptionally well connected to the rest of the region.

In addition to excellent public amenities, the historical popularity of the south coast with care providers has provided Folkestone with a diverse range of social and daycare opportunities designed to appeal to people with learning disabilities.


We have just four small-group residential care services, each home to three people, all located in safe neighbourhoods close to a range of useful local amenities. Our residential homes have been developed for people with moderate to severe learning disabilities and complex needs who presently need intensive support.


In addition to our residential care homes, we also support a similar number of people in their own homes. Typically, though not exclusively, these are people who previously lived in our residential homes but who, because of the progress they made, no longer need such intensive support.

It is this care pathway that has driven the gradual growth of our service at, we are pleased to say, a pace that has been both natural and sustainable. Twenty years on we are still small enough to be able to create the intimate, friendly atmosphere that makes our services feel like home to the people who live in them.

The Supported Living model enables us to provide people with care and support with even greater personalisation and flexibility and in a way that promotes their independence while ensuring their safety. Becoming a tenant rather than a care home resident is much more than just a change of status. It represents a change of approach in which control rests with the service user and their family/advocates rather than with the care provider/professionals. For example, people using supported living services have more control over where they live, who (if anyone) they live with, how they live their lives and who supports them when.

As carers and as a service, the use of personal budgets by our service users to purchase their support transforms the relationship between us, ensuring that we are fully focused on delivering the right support at a time and place of our service user’s choosing. While not always easy to achieve, this is a challenge we relish!


Home is where we start and finish our day. It is somewhere we feel safe, comfortable and secure. It is familiar in a way that virtually no other place is or can be. Our home is a reflection of who we are and how we see ourselves. At the same time it can affect how others see and judge us. Home is a very important place and it is for these reasons that we strive to get it right for people.

Whether living in one of our small-group residential homes or renting one of our tenanted properties, we endeavour to make sure people’s homes are:

– well designed and maintained
– spacious, homely and comfortable
– beautifully decorated and arranged
– located in safe neighbourhoods

Where we support service users living in third party accommodation, we support and encourage them to exercise their rights as tenants.



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